Sunday Lake Windcrest Ride

Where: “WFNB” (Woodforest National Bank) at the SW corner of FM 1488 and FM 2978, next to McDonalds, the previous location of the Sunday ride, before Tailgators, aka the ‘BikeLane’ ride.

When: Every Sunday – (Check Calendar for Start Time)


27 miles, including the Lake Windcrest loop; 21 miles without Lake Windcrest. Add more miles by riding to and from the ride venue.

Route: -South on Westwind Square to FM 2978 South, -West (right) on Hardin Store Road -North (right)on Dobbin-Huffsmith Rd to the Vet Clinic at Spur 149 for the first regroup. -Continue South on Spur 149. -North (right) on FM 149 -East (right) on FM 1488 to the western most entrance to Lake Windcrest for the second regroup. -Continue with a full loop of Lake Windcrest, finishing at Windcrest National and FM 1488, for a short regroup. -East (right) on FM 1488 back to the Start at FM 1488 and FM 2978.

NOTE: This ride is designated as an intermediate ride, based on distance and median rider skill level.  There will be slower riders and even beginners…all riders are welcome. Please be familiar with route and be aware that you will be on state highways (the ‘FM’ roads, with shoulders; Ken Thurlow of Bike Lane usually is at this ride. As is the requirement for all WCC rides, please wear a helmet, do not put anything into your ears, if you have aero bars do not use them when part of a group, be prepared to fix your own flats or other minor mechanicals, and by all means come with a safe riding attitude.